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We continually strive to offer and maintain the most up to date and highest quality hair care products that the industry provides.

For our hair coloring services, we take special pride in using products that both allow us to be creative as artists, while maintaining the hair’s integrity.  We specialize in Logics Colorcremes by Matrix as well as Enamels by L’oreal. With these product lines, we can   match whatever your existing color is, or create a specific, and more unique look personalized to the individual. 

In support of our work, we carry the following professional products:



PureOlogy Products  ( Essentials )  



PureOlogy Products  ( Luxury Anti-Age )


PureOlogy Products  ( Hydrate )



PureOlogy Products  ( Super Straight )



PureOlogy Products  ( Volume )



PureOlogy Products  ( Stylers )






Matrix            *Sleek Look    *Amplify    *Biolage Fortifying   *Logics   

L’oreal           *Kiwi     *  Textureline


Hot Locks

Kryolan Professional Makeup   

In addition, we also carry various accessories, jewelry, and tools of the trade to assist in keeping you looking your very best!

* Please help all of us in the industry maintain a higher level of excellence by joining us in the fight against product diversion. Please purchase your products from your hair care professional.